Monday, November 25, 2013

We totally just slam nommed

After a tiresome week at work, who doesn’t love to laze around on Sunday morning?!

Well my idea isn’t much different from that. I plan to roll in my bed till I feel hungry and then get up to eat something and back to bed again. So that was my usual Sunday plan until one my friends called me enthusiastically to try out a new place for lunch.

So, for me, when it comes to food, I just can’t say NO. Not because I’m a foodie or something… but coz of all those eye pleasing photographic food shots.

I know, I know that I am not a remarkable photographer, but hey I am an incredible photographer in making :P

Enough of my own witticism! Now that I have already bragged so much about my photography, I should reveal them too.

So here’s one starting with glimpse of what people are saying about the place aka Woodbox CafĂ©.

So finally the food order started rolling and we ordered one from each option available. The highlight of the menu for us was the scrummy nachos chat.

Doesn’t this look extremely appetizing?

Now came the hero of my photography, the not so delightful mushroom momos. Well, to say the least, they were not at all likable but hey, I am not complaining as this was one of my best shots of the evening.

Finally came our pizza and pasta and falafel and our jumbo sized Oreo and Kitkat shakes... Can you believe that three people ate this much food? Too much, huh ;)

Our first attempt at some Middle Eastern food... Falafel

And here's our oven baked pizza with vegetable toppings.

Next in line was our mixed sauce pasta.... yummyyyyy :)

And finally here’s my friend’s reaction for “No more food pleaseeeee”

Monday, October 7, 2013

And it went viral

Isn’t social media all about striking when the iron is hot?

Something like that happened on  September 13, the day when justice was delivered, the day when nation’s wait for justice finally came to an end, the day when Nirbhaya may finally rest in peace.

And yes, the day when India breathe a sigh of relief, with a hope that this conviction will deter people from committing such crimes in future.

Many people took to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to express their happiness and here’s one such reaction:

Justice Delivered

Like everyone, we too wanted to share our happiness and luckily we had a platform like “Delhi for Women Safety” to say what we wanted to say and guess what, the response took us by surprise. A simple post “#JusticeDelivered today... Finally all four convicts awarded death sentence.” went viral and like how.

With the number of post likes counting over 1.8 lakhs and over 11 thousand shares in just 2 days, people were commenting continuously to share the sign of relief, happiness and joy after the judgment.

A community of 50,000 people and a post getting over 1.8 lakhs likes? Now that’s something.
Now it would be bad to not mention the number of comments we got on one single post.
Guess… Guess… Guess

Well, we got almost 4500 comments and yes not to mention that all this was organic. We didn’t use money to promote this post.

Now even though the wide smile on our face says it all, but we are more than happy with the judgment and not to mention the amazing response we got from awesome Indians who were just as happy as we were with the conviction.

At OML, we love doing things with a bang and this post is just another feather in our cap. Keep a tab as we make more headlines in future.  

P.S: Wrote this blog to go on company's official blog but it couldn't... So finally putting it on my personal blog :)